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My Rights, My Voice – Tara Perryman

Tara Perryman Teaches the Standards - Social Studies & ELA

Tara Perryman Teaches the Standards - My Rights, My Voice Essay

Tara Perryman Discusses Learning Maps

Tara Perryman Discusses Blended Learning

Grade Level

Fourth Grade

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


During this unit, students learn social studies and English Language Arts (ELA) standards using a variety of blended learning strategies, including independent study, small group study, large group study, mixed grouping, and learning maps. The unit challenges students to analyze student power within an elementary school. Through actual simulations analogous to the American Revolution and self-paced blended learning maps, students answer the driving question, “How can we as students have more voice and power like the colonists during the American Revolution?”

Standards Addressed

Social Studies
SS4H4, SS4CG5, SS4G2

About the Teacher

Tara Perryman
Tara Perryman

Tara graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in elementary education and dance. After graduating, Tara’s love of working with kids led her to become a dance teacher. After teaching ballet for seven years, she traded her ballet shoes for chalk and decided to become a classroom teacher. Before entering the classroom, Tara received her master’s degree in elementary education from Auburn University. Feeling equipped, she began teaching at New Hope Elementary School, a setting that gave her the freedom to hone her innovative blended learning strategies.