The contest will return Fall 2024.



2023 Contest Winners

Our 2023 Buckle Up Georgia student video contest was a huge success, and all of our entrants did a great job showing their passion for safe driving. Congratulations to our Top 3 Winners! You can check out their award winning videos below.

1st Place - Benjamin Smith


2nd Place - Lilliana Lawrence


3rd Place - Lorilei Fowler

And while you're here, take the time to sit behind the wheel and buckle those seatbelts, as you experience the Buckle Up Georgia: VR Perspectives. Plus, be sure to check out the full story of how we geared up for the roll over crash, with our video links below.


Buckle Up Georgia VR Perspectives: Rollover Crash


It's time to sit behind the wheel, and buckle those seat belts, as you experience just how destructive a roll over crash can be.


Buckle Up Georgia: Road to Rollover Playlist


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