Welcome to GASHA GO! World. Get ready to make some colorful new friends and help with exciting challenges that teach kids ages 4-8 foundational computer science and problem-solving skills through games, songs, and animated videos. Kids will love spending time with the cast of friendly, curious Gashling characters while they create dance routines, make toys, fix arcade machines, cook with recipes, and more! Now available in Spanish! 

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  • Enter an area

    Players can choose to enter the karaoke booth, workshop, lounge, arcade, glitter globe, or garden and cafe to play the games, songs, and animated videos.

    Gasha Go World - Select a level
  • Solve the puzzles

    Players choose from over ten fun challenges like Arcade Maze. In this game, players must help the Gashlings fix the machines after dark while avoiding obstacles.

    Gasha Go World - Solve the puzzles
  • Collect stars and earn rewards

    When players complete the challenges successfully, they can earn up to three stars and some exciting objects to add to their glitter globe!

    Gasha Go World - Stars and Rewards