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The Sports Broadcast Institute: A Complete Video Production Experience

Tom White from Roackdale Career Academy

Grade Level

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


The Sports Broadcast Institute (SBI) at Rockdale College and Career Academy allows students to master Audio, Video, Technology, and Film (AVTF) standards as well as work in an environment that resembles a real life production company. In this unit from the SBI, students work collaboratively and independently to prepare for a live sports broadcast event by creating feature pieces, commercials, and news segments that will be incorporated into the live broadcast. Throughout the unit, students apply their knowledge of lighting, camera effects, and postproduction, including editing and typography. The unit ends with students directing and taking full responsibility for the live broadcast event.

About the Teacher

Tom White
Rockdale Career Academy

Tom White is currently a 9th to 12th grade audio-video technology and film teacher at Rockdale College and Career Academy in Conyers, Georgia. Mr. White holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from High Point University and worked for Clear Channel Radio in Greensboro, NC and Atlanta as a marketing and online content director. He has presented across the district regarding best practices for using technology in the classroom, and has served as a new teacher mentor for AVTF Teachers throughout the state. His best piece of teaching advice is to make sure that what you are teaching is real and relevant to the student because, if it isn’t, the students will treat it as just another assignment.