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Rhetorical Analysis: A Blended Learning Unit

Farhat Ahmad from McClarin Success Academy

Grade Level

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


During this blended learning, self-paced unit, students utilize rhetorical analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of speeches and informational texts. Students start the unit by taking a diagnostic test, and, if needed, completing a writing boot camp. Then, students complete several analytical exercises focused on logical fallacies and rhetorical analysis. Throughout the unit, students engage with political cartoons, famous speeches from American history, and popular culture to develop an understanding of rhetorical analysis. The unit concludes with students writing a five-paragraph rhetorical analysis.

Standards Addressed

English Language Arts:
ELA.9-10.L.2.c-d; ELA.9-10.L.4.a; ELA.9-10.RI.1; ELA.9-10.RI.6; ELA.9-10.RI.8; ELA.9-10.W.1; ELA.9-10.W.4; ELA.9-10.W.5

About the Teacher

Farhat Ahmad
McClarin Success Academy

Farhat Ahmad is currently a 9th and 10th grade World, Multi, and American Literature teacher at McClarin Success Academy in College Park, GA. Mr. Ahmad holds a Bachelor’s in English and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin and a Master’s in Secondary Education from Georgia Southern University. He currently serves as a Google Classroom administrator and individualized learning coach.