Over the Air

Total TV Coverage

Watch GPB Over the Air with an Antenna

GPB’s main HD channel, along with GPB Create, GPB Knowledge and GPB Kids, are all available over the air with an antenna.  Please reference the map (on the left) for a channel numbers in your area and click on the links below in the Find Your Station section for a more detailed list of the areas served by each of our nine stations. As an example, in Atlanta, GPB’s main HD channel is located at 8.1, GPB Create is 8.2, GPB Knowledge is 8.3, and GPB Kids is 8.4. For the remaining stations, you’ll find GPB’s main HD station by adding the (.1) extension to the channel number on the map and adding the  (.2) for GPB Create,  (.3) for GPB Knowledge and  (.4) for GPB Kids.

If you are having issues finding GPB you may need to do a rescan of your TV channels.

Rescan in Three Steps

To begin rescanning, find the remote control that changes your channels.

  1. Press Menu
  2. Select Channel Setup or Broadcast Setup on the menu (if you can’t find these options, check your owner’s manual or search for your television’s specific instructions online)
  3. Choose Auto Programming or Auto Scan, then select Air, then Start.
  4. Your TV will automatically rescan available signals so all your channels tune in again.

If you have rescanned and still cannot receive our signal, try changing the position of your antenna.

You can obtain more information by calling GPB’s Member & Audience Services department at 1-800-222-4788 or emailing ask@gpb.org. Regular business hours are Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Cable & Satellite Providers

Watch GPB with your Cable or Satellite Provider

GPB, GPB Create, GPB Knowledge and GPB Kids are available through cable and satellite providers. Scroll down to the TV Section schedule below to see the schedule. Click on the blue “Change Provider” link next to CURRENT PROVIDER to see a list of where GPB is available in your market. Channel numbers will vary by cable and satellite provider in the various media markets across the state. You can also check your programming guide on your TV.


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Digital & Streaming

Watch GPB on Your Devices

GPB is available for live streaming  through your mobile and other electronic devices via the GPB website and App, the PBS App, the DirecTV App and YouTube TV. Check out the information below for more details on how to access GPB through the various devices.

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