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How Does Weather Impact The Way We Grow Food?

Innovation in Teaching Competition: Amanda Cavin from Unity Grove Elementary School

Grade Level

First Grade

Content Area/Instructional Strategy


This unit uses project-based learning activities to help students investigate the driving question: how have new technologies in farming and weather prediction impacted the way we grow food today? Throughout the unit, students will engage in activities that require them to apply measurement skills, collect and analyze data, and apply knowledge of numbers and operations in base ten. This unit also requires students to collaborate, research, compare the content and quality of resources, and use the information they collect to make decisions and defend their findings to an audience.

Standards Addressed

M.1.MD.1; M.1.MD.2; M.1.MD.4; M.1.NBT.1; M.1.NBT.2; M.1.NBT.4; M 2.MD.1; M. 2.MD.3; M.2.MD.4; M.2.MD.5; M.2.MD.9
English Language Arts
ELA.1.RIT.5; ELA.1.RIT.6; ELA.1.RIT.9; ELA.1.RL.10; ELA.1.W.1- 8; ELA.1.SL.1-3

About the Teacher

Amanda Cavin
Unity Grove Elementary
Henry County Schools

Amanda Cavin is currently a first grade teacher at Unity Grove Elementary in Locust Grove, Georgia. She holds a B.A. from Samford University, a Masters of Special Education from University of Georgia, and an education specialist degree in teacher leadership from Piedmont College. She has taught third grade, preschool and first grade. Her best piece of teaching advice is to have the courage to take risks with practices that increase student engagement, utilize creative resources, and use social media to connect with educators beyond your district for collaboration.