Lindsay Foster Thomas may as well be surgically attached to a pair of headphones. Her career in radio production started at Hampton University’s WHOV as a DJ and the station’s Operations Director. After college, she returned to her native Atlanta, Georgia where she worked as a morning producer with WAOK-AM, then at WVEE-FM until the lure of higher education called her back to the classroom. She earned a masters in journalism from Columbia University, which was kind of like bootcamp for reporters set on the streets of NYC. Lindsay then landed a job with WUNC, North Carolina Public Radio where she worked as Managing Editor of “The State of Things.” In 2012, she joined the production team at Marketplace working with “Marketplace Money” and the Wealth & Poverty Desk on projects such as “York & Fig,” an examination of gentrification in one L.A. neighborhood. She joined the On Second Thought team at GPB in February 2015 and is happy to be home making radio once more.