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Common Core - Putting the Common Core into Practice:
Making Challenging Texts Accessible

Each of the four segments of the Making Challenging Texts Accessible series provides a 30-minute standalone session appropriate for K-12 professional development in all subjects/contents during faculty meetings, before or after school, or during teacher planning time. Following each 30-minute segment, teachers and instructional leaders can work collaboratively to implement the ideas and strategies in their classrooms and schools.

Making Challenging Texts Accessible Segment Outline

  • Part 1: A Three-Prong Approach
  • Part 2: Understanding the Complexity of Complex Text
  • Part 3: Teaching Students How to Close Read a Text
  • Part 4: Specific Strategies for Student Success

Download Handouts Below

Attachment Size
A Three-Prong Approach Powerpoint 772.5 KB
Understanding the Complexity of Complex Test Powerpoint 1.12 MB
Handout 1 CCGPS ELA Textcomplexity Guide 127.73 KB
Handout 2 Qualitative Measures Rubric 500.81 KB
Handout 3 Qualitative Dimensions Tool 531.87 KB
Handout 4 Qualitative Features of Complex Texts 636.3 KB
Handout 5 Aussie Text Complexity Rubric for NYC Schools 210.52 KB
Handout 6 Book Thief Amateur Scientist 205.12 KB
Teaching Students How to Close Read a Text Powerpoint 895 KB
Specific Strategies for Student Success Powerpoint 711.5 KB
Handout 7 Math Vocabulary 95.57 KB
Handout 8 Frayer Model Predict 336.62 KB
Handout 9 Explicit Vocabulary Instruction 281.93 KB
Handout 10 Three Tiers of Vocabulary 400.67 KB
Handout 11 Text Coding 262.17 KB
Insect Olympics 2.94 MB
Using PP to Scaffold a Text Powerpoint 1.28 MB

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