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Common Core - Putting the Common Core into Practice:
Facilitating Student-Led Discussions

Each of the four segments of the Facilitating Student-Led Discussions series provides a 30-minute standalone session appropriate for K-12 professional development in all subjects/contents during faculty meetings, before or after school, or during teacher planning time. Following each 30-minute segment, teachers and instructional leaders can work collaboratively to implement the ideas and strategies in their classrooms and schools. Although Part 3 provides a kindergarten example and Part 4 a high school example, all teachers may wish to view both to see the learning progression that characterizes CCGPS.

Facilitating Student-Led Discussions

  • Part 1: Rational and Discussion Formats
  • Part 2: Developing an Age-Appropriate Teaching Rubric
  • Part 3: Using Student-Led Discussion to Assess Understanding—Elementary
  • Part 4: Using Student-Led Discussion to Assess Understanding—Secondary

Download the handouts below.

Attachment Size
Rational and Discussion Formats Powerpoint 704 KB
Handout 1b Socratic Seminars 208.55 KB
Handout 1a Discussion Formats 268.37 KB
Developing an Age-Appropriate Teaching Rubric Powerpoint 738.5 KB
Handout 2 Class Discussion Teaching Learning Rubric 220.86 KB
Handout 3 Class Discussion Assessment Rubrics 211.33 KB
Student Led Discussions Part 3 748.5 KB
Student Led Discussions Part 4 735.5 KB
Handout 4 2002 Heart of Darkness Assignment 273.98 KB

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