So, you never finished college and you don't have a big fancy degree and you're thinking that you can't get a job and make a decent living? WRONG! Of course all of us here at GPB are strong advocates of education of any kind, we also understand those that can't afford an education or simply given other circumstances, can't dedicate the time a degree the job requires. 

David Bakke, career expert at Money Crashers says, "There are some decent-paying jobs you can get with no degree whatsoever. I am of the belief that an associate's degree is better than no higher education at all."

Of course, no one can guarantee you will get a job with a big salary regardless if you have a degree, associates degree or no degree at all. But, if you don't have time to pursue any type of degree, here are some careers you can consider where the potential for big salaries exist. Some require little schooling, training programs certificate and more.

1. Web Developer

2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

3. Network and Computer Systems Administrator 

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