According to the state labor department, even with metro Atlanta jobs increasing by 5,900 to total 2,470,600 in August, Atlanta's unemployment rate increased to 8.1% from July's 7.9%. To date, 51,400 jobs have been added, so why the unemployment increase?

Well, the main job growth has been in:

  • Professional/Business Services- 17,600
  • Trade/Transportation/Warehousing - 11,300
  • Leisure and Hospitality - 8,500
  • Manufacturing- 4,900
  • Construction - 3,800
  • Financial Services- 3,600
  • Informational Services-2,000
  • Private Education and Health Services - 1,300

*Government jobs have seen no change in the past year.

With adding all these jobs, the number of layoffs have decreased 22.9% from July - August 2014. With the decreased number of layoffs, and the increased number of jobs, it is puzzling how Georgia's unemployment rate rose to 8.1% in August, the highest of any state in the nation. The U.S currently is at 6.1%. With that said, if you or someone you know, makes up some of the 8.1% that are unemployed, check out the Oct. 18, 2014 Entertainment Employment Expo and the Shark Tank show watching party and networking for entrepreneurs. At this event, you will watch the show, dissect and discuss the pitches, connect with influenceres, entrepreneurs, mentors and more. 

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