7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Whether you realize it or not, we are all sales people. Everyday in business we are selling products, ideas and services. The biggest part of being a successful salesperson? Being able to influence others, seems simple right? You sell your idea/product/plan/other, you influence the client/customer to say "yes" therefore, it's a successful sale!

The best salespeople seem to have a certain set of common habits, a formula that contributes to their success.

According to Terry Brock, co-author of the best-selling book about social media, "Klout Matters", there are 7 habits of highly successful people:

1. They hustle, when others are safe.  When situations get tough, the successful salesperson takes risks and hustles. They have a sense of urgency, where as those that are not as successful, back off and want to find something safe and cozy. Knowing how to embrace hustle mode when necessary is crucial to success. 

2. They constantly work at being relationship farmers. They are constantly creating, building and maintaining beneficial relationships. Hence "farmers" they are constantly caring, nurturing and doing the daily tasks to grow a strong harvest farther down the road. 

3. They thoroughly research their prospects.  Social media isn't just for keeping up with family and friends, it's also a brillant tool for reasearch. By using LinkedIn, one can get the basics of a person (school,work, awards, etc).  Then, Facebook, you can see what they like, don't like and what their interests are outside of the office. Then, moving on to Twitter, checking their tweets, re-tweets, who they follow and who follows them can give you a good idea of their connections and social circles. 

4.They make direct, personal connections. Using some of the information that was found in research (see #3) they take action in connecting with others in a way that is meaningful or beneficial to the other person. Having the other person see you as an ally rather than a pest, will open the doors for communication, relationships and of course, a possible sales transaction. 

5.They are resoundingly resilient. Not every attempt will be a success, but they learn from their mistakes and get back up again! 

6. They do self-surgery & give themselves a "try-ectomy". They are persistant and don't settle for the "I tried" excuse. As Master Yoda from Star Wars says, "Do.Or do not. There is no try."

7. They embrace technology to help people. Technology is a part of everyday life and is essential to doing business. Keeping up with the latest technology tools/programs that are helpful in their field and help others is key.