In a new video, cast members from “Downton Abbey” share how they think the show should end its run. Unlike the dream scenarios offered by fans in my last blog post, the Dowager Countess survives.

Instead Hugh Bonneville, Robert James Collier, Lesley Nicol, Phyllis Logan and Laura Carmichael preferred giving their characters the Hollywood endings they rightly deserved.

“I’d like to see Robert and Cora - her with sunglasses and a head scarf and an open top car and they say ‘bye kids’ and they stick their luggage in an open top car and they just speed off to the Riveria to have fun! And stuff the estate,” said Hugh Bonneville.

James-Collier said he’d like to see Thomas happy by means of a love interest.

Watch the video below and then compare it to how fans say the show should end in this blog post. Who gave the better endings? Let me know.