Stevens is currently on Broadway in the "The Heiress" and is slated to co-star in the WikiLeaks biopic.

WARNING!: This contains a spoiler about season three!

Season three will be the last episodes that feature Matthew Crawley’s dreamy face. Dan Stevens who plays him confirms that he won’t be back for season four. I won’t break your hearts any further by telling you his character’s fate.

About Stevens’ departure, Downton creator Julian Fellowes tells the Daily Telegraph, “We have always tried to persuade him to stay. He had done fantastically well for the series and his creation of Matthew was terrific. But this is life. Dan felt that this was right thing for him, and the right moment to move on to different areas."

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Stevens is currently starring on Broadway in the play “The Heiress” opposite “Zero Dark, Thirty” actress Jessica Chastain.

Stevens already has his next gig lined up. He is set to play a journalist from the Guardian in the biopic about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch is said to have the lead role.

What do you think about Dan Stevens' departure? What other plot twists and surprises do you think should happen on season three? Share your comments here. Tomorrow we'll share what other fans predicted for season three after they previewed the first episode.

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