Cousin Matthew a.k.a actor Dan Stevens is hinting that he may be leaving Downton.

Matthew Crawley may be abandoning Downton’s lush estate for the bustle of Broadway. The Daily Mail is reporting that actor heartthrob Dan Stevens who plays Crawley hasn’t signed a fourth season contract yet.

Stevens has already made the trip across the pond to the Big Apple. He’s currently co-starring opposite “The Help’s” Jessica Chastain in the play “The Heiress.” In it, he plays a passionate suitor who likes to spend money too much.

Stevens tells the Mail,” ‘New York for me is going to be one big adventure. I will be taking the whole family out and we will be there for six months.‘I don’t know if I will be returning to Downton.’"

What would Downton do without Cousin Matthew? He is the heir apparent to the fortune and one of the show’s central characters. How would the show go on without him? How would you handle his possible absence? What plot twist would you create?