Sarah Zaslaw has shared classical music and company with statewide listeners since joining GPB in 1998. Long a daytime presence on Midday Music, she moved in 2016 to the evening, hosting Nightcap Monday­–Wednesday at 10 p.m. Since 2008 Sarah has also produced and hosted The ASO on GPB (Thursday and Sunday at 10 p.m.). For the network’s Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert series, she interviews musicians from the orchestra’s own ranks as well as marquee artists as they pass through town.

Her weekend show A Musical Offering won the Georgia Association of Broadcasters’ GABBY Award in 2000 for best locally produced program. In 2006 her Mozart special K Is for Koechel, featuring her musicologist father, was picked up by stations nationwide.

Sarah grew up in Ithaca, New York. Her first classical radio experience came during college, at WHRB in Cambridge, Massachussetts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard and a master’s from the University of Michigan, both in history. She has also worked as a freelance copy editor and a semi-demi-professional violinist. When not on the air, she likes to make music with friends and family, visit her neighborhood bakery, read and hang out with her family. She lives in Atlanta.