Gov. Brian Kemp signs constitutional carry into law.

Gov. Brian Kemp signs constitutional carry into law.

Credit: Riley Bunch / GPB News


The panel: 

Adam van Brimmer — Editorial page editor, Savannah Morning News  

Greg Bluestein — Politics reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Leroy Chapman — Managing editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Riley Bunch — Public policy reporter, GPB News 


The breakdown:

1. Gov. Brian Kemp signs the Constitutional Carry Act into law in Georgia.

  • Constitutional carry, or permitless carry, removes background checks, licensing requirements and fees for Georgia gunowners to carry a concealed handgun. 

    • Proponents of the bill said it simply does away with an unnecessary burden on legal gun owners.

SB319, Constitutional Carry Act Passes in the Senate.

  • An analysis conducted by GPB News found that almost all Georgia counties have over a 90% approval rate for concealed carry applications.

    • In 2020, more than 280,000 permits were granted with around 5,300 denied — mainly for criminal history.

      • Georgia is now one of more than 20 states that allow permitless carry.

Kemp fufills a campaign promise from 2018 with the passing of constitutional carry.

2. David Perdue takes a swipe at Kemp for an increase in crime. 

  • ​​​​​Perdue singled out the Georgia State Patrol as Kemp was about to sign the constitutional carry measure into law.

 3. Stacey Abrams focuses on her business experience in new ad. 

  • The new ad comes after Abrams' net worth was reported at $3.17 million.
  • A recent poll from supporters of Gov. Brian Kemp has clinching the GOP nomination in May, without going to a runoff.
  • Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also said that if Abrams is elected there would be a "cold war" between Georgia and Florida. It's further evidence that Abrams remains a target for Republicans outside of Georgia.

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