Are you craving deeper relationships and more connection with friends and loved ones? Start by getting to know yourself better by running a time audit.

You can get started by tracking how you spend every 30 minutes in one day: Ask yourself, "How did I spend the first 30 minutes I was up in the morning? What did I do for the next 30 minutes?" Rachel Wilkerson Miller, author of The Art of Showing Up, recommends.

"If you go through a whole day like that, you start to realize how much time and energy you're spending doing things other people want you to do, and not really for yourself," she says.

Auditing how you spend your time — along with your money and energy — will help you figure out your values and make changes so that you're spending more on the people and activities you care about most.

But take your time, Miller recommends. "Sit with what you're learning, because if you try to jump in and make changes, it's really overwhelming."

Here's more on how to show up for yourself.

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