A recent study by the American Lung Association shows the air along Georgia's coast and in the mountains is clean and unpolluted. But in the metro Atlanta area, residents should be wary of what they're breathing in.

National Senior Vice President of Public Policy Paul Billings spoke with On Second Thoughtabout what it means that five metro Atlanta counties received failing grades on air quality while the cities of Augusta and Savannah earned A's.

 On Second Thought for Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Following a recent visit to the border with Mexico, President Donald Trump said the United States is "full."

"Can't take you anymore," Trump said. "I'm sorry. Can't happen, so turn around. That's the way it is."

Fact checkers were quick to counter that declaration. They cited an aging and shrinking workforce, as well as America's slowing population growth, which is now at its lowest level since 1937. And cities like Atlanta and Macon are nowhere near capacity, according to Tim Keane and Josh Rogers. 

April 30 is International Jazz Day. To celebrate the occasion, we invited local jazz singer Virginia Schenck to add two songs to our growing Georgia Playlist. 

Schenck's stage name is "VA." She performs at City Winery Tuesday night at 8 pm.


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