Ellen Eldridge (she/her) is the senior health care reporter for the statewide NPR affiliate Georgia Public Broadcasting. She previously worked as a breaking news reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Eldridge earned bachelor’s degrees in psychology and communication before working as a staff writer for the hyperlocal Reporter Newspapers (which is now Rough Draft Atlanta).

Her focus on narrative nonfiction style of writing comes from a decades-long love of creative writing. As a storyteller and news reporter, Eldridge brings a person-centered approach to reporting on public health policy. She does this to help show listeners the people affected by legislators’ decisions.

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, issues of mental health care, parity and addiction are Eldridge’s beat.

She is a 2021-2022 Rosalynn Carter Fellow for the Carter Center's Rosalynn Carter Fellowship for Mental Health Journalism.