It felt like a real honor for me - and I hope for GPB as well - that I was invited to serve as an MC for Kasim Reed's inauguration ceremony yesterday at the Atlanta Civic Center. Also sworn in were members of the city council and municipal court judges. An inaugural ceremony offers one of those rare opportunities for all of us to come together and agree that we all hope our leaders will truly build a better tomorrow for each of us without regard to partisan differences or the other factors that keep us divided. "On the Story" will follow the work Mayor Reed does in his next four years and report on the good and the bad. But for one day, it was a pleasure to simply listen to him spell out his vision for the future of Atlanta.

The ceremony was especially interesting to me because it was an outstanding example of how Smart Phones have now become completely integrated into even the most auspicious occasions. I was sitting next to the podium, and I took pictures and Tweeted them out throughout the program. Andy Young was seated directly behind me and he jumped up and down snapping shots with his phone. There was a time not long ago when such behavior by officials and others actually participating in such a dignified event would have been viewed as completely inappropriate at a solemn event like an inauguration. Now, it's just how we make eyewitness records of our lives and share them with our Twitter followers. I had a great time Tweeting to GPB Twitter fans. If you'd like to join our conversation, I invite YOU to follow me @billnigut.

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