Even after DragonCon and the Decatur Book Festival , Atlanta continues to be a cultural hub with Music Midtown. This two day music festival blasts out at Piedmont Park Friday September 19th and Saturday September 20th. The artist line up includes headliners Eminem , John Mayer and Lana Del Ray . Music Midtown ran from 1994 to 2005 annually and, returned from hiaturs in 2011. The festival has been running strong since.

Check out this video for clips from Music Midtown 2013, where bands like Capital Cities hit the stage.

Tickets can be purchased either as a one day pass or for two days and more information on prices is on Music Midtown’s website . Due to incidents of reported fraud, Music Midtown encourages you buy through trusted sources, either directly from Music Midtown’s website or Ticketmaster . Music Midtown will not accept counterfeit tickets, so be cautious purchasing even from well-known sites like Stubhub.

Music Midtown is open to all ages as well as participants in and out of the Atlanta area. For more information regarding parking, hotels and other accommodations, check out Music Midtown’s FAQ’s page .