See the 5 human foods you should be giving you dogs & cats!

When it comes to our pets, our "fur-kids," most of us are cautious on what table food we give them, right? I'm sure you have heard of the common foods NOT to give your pets: chocolate, grapes and raisins can be poisonous to your cats and dogs. Also, onions can cause anemia which could be life-threatening.

While commercials for popular cat and dog food will tell you about all the vegetables within the food and how good it is for your pet, broccoli, cauliflower and other veggies in the brassica family can be healthy but can also affect the thyroid function unless they are cooked properly before your pets eats them. 

BUT, there is healthy "people food" that when used a supplement to a dog or cats diet can be beneficial. Foods such as meats, fish, cheeses can be used regularly in your pets healthy diet, just be sensible about how much-- too much of a good thing could mean a bad thing, like weight gain. 

What foods should you skip? 

  • Corn - Maize, corn syrups and pasta 
  • Wheat  - Be aware of glutens, breads and spelt
  • Soy 
  • Peanut Butter (in food or treats)

If your pup has a sensitive tummy, they may need healthier of fresher foods in their diet. In order for the GI tract to function correctly, it needs an appropriate bacteria to decrease gas and improve consistent bowel movements. With our pet food being packaged, it is hard for the bacteria needed to be absorbed, but you can use a probiotic supplement periodically or goat yogurt and this will improve your dogs digestive health.

Five additional goods you should be feeding your pet and why they are beneficial to them:

1. Unsweetened Canned Pumpkin - This is the is ultimate stool regulator!

2. Fish Oil - This will improve your pets coat and make them all shiny and pretty, plus this helps them recover from inflammatory conditions, arthritis and skim problems.

3. Psyllium Fiber- Gives them more fiber in their diet, improves digestive health.

4. White Rice- Relieves diarrhea

5. Chicken or Beef Broth- Add this to your pets food to increase palatability as well as hydration.