In Atlanta's tech startup community, pitch events seem to be multiplying as fast as co-working spaces.

You know the drill by now: A startup's founders get a few minutes on a stage to present their company as worthy of notice and funding. That's usually followed by rigorous questions from other entrepreneurs (and sometimes investors) in the audience. Sometimes there are judges who decide which startups "won" the event, and sometimes they do indeed get seed money or some incentives for playing the game. In many cases, though, it's usually the chance to get some feedback and media coverage on the proposed business model that makes participation worthwhile.

The latest pitch festival to head Atlanta's way is Technori, set for Nov. 18th at Tech Square's Research Building. (More info on tickets can be found here.) Five local startups - four business-to-consumer companies, plus a business-to-business/hardware entry - get five minutes to make their case, and then will withstand three minutes of Q-and-A. Those companies have already been chosen by Technori and its Atlanta producer, Kevin Leland.

In this Future Perfect podcast, I talk to Leland about those five startups, what sets Technori apart from other pitch festivals and whether or not "pitch event fatigue" is something to be concerned about in the Atlanta entrepreneurial community.