One of the more widely anticipated panels taking place at this week's Venture Atlanta 2015 conference focused on the financial technology (fin-tech) industry, which has a significant footprint in the Atlanta area.

How significant? The fin-tech trade group American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) says the metro area is home to 60 percent of the financial tech companies in the U.S., employing 40,000 people and delivering $80 billion in shareholder value.

Since Venture Atlanta's annual mission is to bring together early-stage tech companies with potential investors, local fin-tech startups would have done well to attend a panel featuring four industry leaders. Those included Tony Catalfano, president and CEO of Worldpay US, based in Atlanta.

In this Future Perfect podcast, I talk to Catalfano about how Atlanta can leverage its unique position as a fin-tech hub. Catalfano also talks about how his recent purchase of Paul McCartney concert tickets helped to illustrate new levels of security for those who are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to pay for products and services.