In this edition of Right Here we visit Mary Pinson, a floral designer with a new studio in downtown Macon.

Mary Pinson cuts hydrangeas and pushes the stems into a large foam base. She’s getting ready for her grand opening.

“It is for my party," she said. "This is going to be a flower column so you won’t see any of the base or anything. You’ll just see all flowers."

Pinson is known for her signature large arrangements.

“I love hydrangeas," she said. "They’re always the base of every arrangement usually. Roses are great because they’re always available. I love Peonies when it’s peony season, whatever’s beautiful at the time.”

And making things beautiful is the goal for this event planner and floral designer. She’s been working out of her home for fifteen years but loves her new location in the former Joshua Cup coffee shop on Washington Avenue.

“When I saw the space, the high ceilings and the light I just knew it was the perfect space," she said. "So we just painted and they unearthed the original floors and I just feel so inspired in this space.”

Pinson says easy access to Atlanta is also a plus.

“I have brokers that send me flowers from all over the world," she said. "They’ll either send them to the airport in Atlanta or straight to my door.”

Pinson will have orchids for sale in her studio as well as a bouquet of the month.

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