In this edition of Right Here we visit a new co-working space in Downtown Macon. 


Potential clients tour the Office at College Hill (photo Josephine Bennett)

Nikki Rogers walks visitors around during an open house at the Office at College Hill. The new shared workspace targets freelancers who make up 35 percent of the United States workforce and people who telecommute.

"A lot of people don't necessarily want to work at home. They want the interaction. They want to be able to meet a client somewhere besides a Starbucks."


Visitors relax in the lobby at the Office at College Hill (photo Josephine Bennett)

The space is clean and contemporary. Tenants have access to high speed internet, copy machines and even a coffee bar. Nikki says their video conference room has the latest technology.

"Everyone that's in on the conference calls, photos and everything are up on one screen and then your presentation can be on the other screen. It has the camera's that follow the speaker. It's the only video conference rooms like that south of Atlanta."


Conference room at the Office at College Hill (photo Josephine Bennett)

Tenants can rent private offices or use the shared space with their monthly membership.

"It's finished out in a way that people would be extremely proud to have a client meet them here. It's state of the art everything."


Kitchen area Office at College Hill (photo Josephine Bennett)

The building also includes gated parking and a fitness center. This is the third co-working space to open Right Here in Macon.

(Support for Right Here comes from the Peyton Anderson Foundation)