In this edition of Right Here we meet Linda Brennan, the Managing Partner of the Qwest Group, a consulting company that helps other companies manage growth.

Brennan worked in the corporate world, then taught business management at Mercer University for 19 years. She recently retired and now helps business owners create strategic plans.

"They may be growing more slowly, or they may be growing faster than they can cope, but trying to help them be the business they can be."

Brennan says CEO's are often the bottleneck to growth because they resist change. Her experience teaching millenials helps her advise companies on moving forward.

"That new generation has joined the workforce and some people, more of my generation, struggle with the different priorities so I can provide some perspective into that."

Most of her clients are in Middle Georgia where doing business is all about relationships.

"It is very much a process of networking, working maybe on a small project for somebody and then becoming a more trusted partner and getting more involved in substantial projects."

Brennan's goal for 2017 is to develop a peer coaching program for other women Right Here in Macon.

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