In this edition of Right Here we visit Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen, a new restaurant and brewery in Downtown Macon.

The upstairs bar at Piedmont is full and so are the tables where people order food to go with their beer. Owner Ritchie Jones says the menu includes more than hamburgers.

"Smoked meats definitely are the main focus. We do smoked brisket. We do smoked pork butt, smoked wings and smoked chicken thighs."

Jones is a longtime restauranteur. He's the owner of Downtown Grill. His partner at Piedmont is the beer expert. 


Brew tanks in the basement of Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen (photo Josephine Bennett)

"In the basement Brian Whitley will be making lots of beer and I'll be wearing big boots and watch him make beer. Maybe I'll paddle something, I don't know."

Beers made downstairs include Pale Ale, IPA, Porter, Blonde Ale and Stout. At any given time they'll have eight varieties. The basement also includes a second bar and entertainment.


Patrons play Skee-Ball in the basement of Piedmont Brewery and kitchen (photo Josephine Bennett)

"You can look at the brewery and see all the shinniness but then you can also play Skee-Ball, watch TV, drink a beer at the bar, play Bocce or there's a great racing game as well."

Macon is home to several restaurants that focus on beer but Piedmont is only the second brewpub to make and serve beer onsite.

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