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Public Art Made In Macon

Tanner Coleman and Alexis Gregg stand in front of a play sculpture destined for Bernd Park in Macon (photo Grant Blankenship)

In this edition of Right Here we visit AnT Sculpture and Design, makers of public art all over the world.

Tanner Coleman hoists shovelfuls of clay shavings into a pile while his wife Alexis Gregg looks on. Their garage doubles as a studio where they make public art from bricks.

"We take the wet clay block, stack them like Legos, carve off the square edges into soft, round shapes. We can apply color at that point. Then we disassemble the entire sculpture and fire each brick indivisdually and reassemble with mortar."

Right now they're working on a carved bridge that doubles as a slide. They'll install it at Bernd Park at the corner of Spring and Cherry Streets in Downtown Macon. Alexis says their sculptures are playable.

"Everything we make we encourage people to climb on it, to sit on it, to touch it. We want it to be interactive physically with the viewer or user."

The couple met at the University of Georgia and has projects in seven countries. They came to Macon to teach art as Wesleyan but Macon has surprised them.

"We've been busy the whole time that we've been here and we've been able to have shows Downtown and we've had a show at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. And I think this community really wants to embrace creative people."

The new pieces take their inspiration from Macon's historic architecture and could be installed by the end of the summer.

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Josephine Bennett has been with GPB since 2006 and currently serves as the GPB Macon Station Manager and Senior Producer. Before that she hosted Morning Edition and served as Macon Bureau Chief and later Community Engagement Manager.

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