In this edition of Right Here we talk to Alex Habersham, Publisher of the Macon-Middle Georgia Black Pages, a digital resource guide of African-American businesses in Middle Georgia.

"There used to be banks and drug stores and insurance companies and real estate companies....."

It's hard to talk to Alex Habersham without getting a history lesson. His office sits on D.T. Walton Way in the heart of Macon's historically Black business district. Since integration some businesses have closed but others have grown.

"The revenue that African-American businesses receive has remained fairly constant because many of these individuals are able to compete on a more general market."


The Macon-Middle Georgia Black Pages have been on D.T. Walton Way (formerly Cotton Avenue) for 25 years (photo Josephine Bennett)

In the last quarter century African Americans buying power has increased 275 percent nationwide. Habersham says that's good for the community.

"As these businesses do better then they could effect and address the community socially, economically and academically. These businesses can play a role in the general improvement in our community."

Habersham's website also includes news and an email blast that goes out to twelve-thousand subscribers.

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