In this edition of Right Here we visit Fresh Produce Records. It's where vinyl enthusiasts go to get those hard to find albums.

Owner William Dantzler thumbs through the "Experimental" section at his store on Second Street. There's also R&B, New Wave, and Soul. His passion for actual records goes way back.

"My parents had a vinyl collection that I got into when I was pretty young and kind of adopted as my own over the years. And I would always go looking for the vinyl section at the flea market."


Inside Fresh Produce Records in Macon (photo Josephine Bennett)

Fresh Produce opened in 2013 as a record store and music venue. But in November they split the two, moving the records next door to the Cox Capitol Theatre where there's more foot traffic. He says vinyl sells well in Macon.

"There's a lot of collectors around here. It's like every day it seems we meet someone new who's excited that we're here and we're excited to meet them."


Some of the albums for sale at Fresh Produce Records in Macon (photo Josephine Bennett)

Dantzler admits it can be a challenge. Macon is experiencing a Downtown housing renaissance, but retail can be challenging.

"Now that there's you know internet and big malls up the street, Downtown has to find its place again as a central shopping district."

Right Here in Macon.

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