In this edition of Right Here we visit Lace Boutique in Downtown Macon. It's for sneaker fans looking for hard to find shoes.

Sneakers line the wall. It looks more like an art gallery than a shoe store. Owner Terry Langston says that's intentional.


Sneakers on display at Lace Boutique in Macon

"If you were to come into Lace you would see artwork up. You would see hard to find sneakers as well as rare sneakers, customization to certain sneakers as well as hard to find shoes that we can go out and find for you."

Shoes like the $600 Premium Jordan Retro. Customers make a reservation for a shoe before its release date and avoid the crowds says Langston.

"You don't have to worry about fighting for your shoe. You don't worry about having to get a raffle or dealing with the internet. And so when your shoe comes in I'll give you a call and say, Hey your shoes are in you can come pick up. And when you come pick up you just pay the balance. It's that easy."


Lace Boutique in Macon sells clothing as well as sneakers

Of course not all of the shoes are high end. There are $100 sneakers as well as clothes.

"Oh I have a wide range of customers from many different demographics. Whether it's different races, different income demographics, I mean we cater to everyone because we have a price point for any and everyone."

Right here in Macon.

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