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Thomson Bikes For The Serious Cycler

Brian Thomson owner of Thomson Bike Products (photo Josephine Bennett)

In this edition of Right Here we visit Thomson Bike Products a Macon manufacturer of high end parts for the cycling enthusiast.

Brian Thomson points to one of several precision machines in his Macon factory.

"This is actually spinning really fast and slinging all the fluid off....."

The L.H. Thomson Company started in 1981 making parts for the aerospace industry. Fifteen years later founder Ronnie Thomson used his expertise to create a seatpost for his daughter, a cyclist at Carnegie Mellon University. Brian Thomson says it works like an office chair.



Workers manufacturing parts at Thomson factory in Macon (photo Josephine Bennett)

"You mash a button and it will drop down. It's for guys that like riding up and down the mountains so they can have their seats all the way up when they're riding up the mountain so they can pedal efficiently and then they can lower the seat out of the way for when they're going really fast down the mountain."

Since then they've added handlebars and the stems that hold them. Their parts are not only strong, they're lightweight.


Stem bodies manufactured Thomson Bike Products (photo Josephine Bennett)

"The majority of our bike parts are for people who want to upgrade their bikes and have nicer components on them than what came from the factory."

Thomson says their parts are sold online and in stores.

"The brick and mortar bike stores are still an important sales channel for us because the bike employees are usually very knowledgeable about the best bike products so they're a very good sales force for us."

The parts are sold in 30 countries and Right Here in Macon.

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