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Serenity K9 Helping Even The Most Difficult Dogs

Lauren Albert works with a client's Weimaraner (photo Grant Blankenship)

In this week's Right Here we meet Lauren Albert with Serenity K9. She's a dog trainer with a knack for helping even the most difficult pet's change their ways.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Lauren's house in Juliette is three big dogs laying on beds. There's Mika the Bully Mix, Gunner the German Shepherd, and a Heeler named Okie.

"How do you get them to do this?" I ask.

"So our whole philosophy is based off leadership and guidance in the way that you would parent a child so you provide them with rules and structure and they actually feel the safest that way."

And structure is the name of the game when a dog comes to board and train with Lauren. They're taught to walk on a leash, stay, and come when called. She works with the most difficult cases including fear and aggression.

"I have clients that trainers have told them to put their dog down. I have clients that have dogs that have been on medication their whole lives that they don't need. We get them off that and get them trained."

But part of the process is the humans to be the pack leader.

"People kind of want to win the dog over first but then the dog just doesn't see them as any kind of leadership figure that they can really trust or depend on."

She says the fun can come once the dog knows who's in charge. Training can be expensive so Lauren Albert also posts how to videos online.

That's Right Here.

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