In this week’s Right Here we visit Travis Jean, a downtown shop that gives a serious nod to all things Georgia. Travis Jean manager Scott Mitchell welcomes people as they walk through the front door of his store on Cherry Street. “It’s a vibrant downtown. There are always people walking up and down the street. I love sitting outside in front of the store and greeting people as they walk by.” In 2014 Travis Jean opened as an art gallery and antiques shop. Over time it’s added an eclectic mix including gourmet food, pottery and custom gift baskets. “We kind of looked and saw what our customers liked and kind of followed that and really started becoming a Georgia made products destination.” Mitchell says it’s important to be flexible because while new lofts and restaurants are thriving downtown, retail is still emerging. Travis Jean also carries baby gifts “I have so many people that are downtown at night that aren’t in the purchasing mindset but they walk by the store. We leave the lights on so they can see inside and then they come back the following day or a couple days later.” Macon, one day, or night at a time. Support for Right Here comes from the The Peyton Anderson Foundation