Robert Fisher the founder of Mama Honey’s Hiney Rub scoops six ounces of rich red powder into a brown bag. On the back it reads,

“Mama Honey’s Hiney Rub was born in Georgia. It’s blended as a tribute to all of the fabulous southern women and their splendid spicy personalities mixed with some sweet conversation.”

Fisher has a background in marketing products for the food industry. His father taught him to grill at age five and since then he’s been at home in the kitchen.

“We’ve always gathered around the table and enjoyed cooking so I kind of took that into my education. When I was in school I went for hospitality and took 18 hours of cooking classes and kind of became proficient. I don’t consider myself a chef, but I’m a pretty good cook.”

Fisher says the rub works on pork, chicken and fish.

“It starts off a little spicy. It gets a little sweet and then it gets spicy again. But it never gets too hot.”

Fisher says it’s available locally and online.

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