Aaron Brown is the owner of BowFRESH BowtieS and grew up with a mother and father who both sew. So when he lost his job at a department store he turned to his sewing machine and bow ties to make ends meet.

"I made a couple and I put them on Facebook and it went viral. So I was amazed. I was like wow, I might be the new bow tie guy in Macon, Georgia."

Brown opened a store on Cotton Avenue in Downtown Macon and celebrated his first anniversary in March of this year.

"I opened this store by faith because I really was afraid. After I got my license I was like okay, what did I get into? I was in the store looking like oh my God are these people really going to but bow ties from me?"

So far business is going well. Brown says he plans to expand his online business and travel to other cities to hold trunk shows. But he says his favorite part of his business is the creation of custom bow ties.

"A mother had lost her daughter. She brought me her old dress. It was the last dress that she had worn. I converted that dress into a bow ties for her children and her husband so that was pretty cool."

Brown says Macon is a great place to do business and he hopes to mentor other young entrepreneurs so they can start businesses as well.

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