65 used to be the magic number to retire, what should you do now?

Looking forward to retirement? Gone are the days that you looked forward to turning 65, putting aside the 9-5 life, to enjoy your long awaited retirement.

Roy Cohen, executive coach and career counselor, says "It just may be impractical to retire."  Cohen suggests that if one is lucky enough to retire, they should be realistic.  If you retire early, have as many retirement years in your life as working years. BUT, for those that are working into their older age to ensure financial stability, when the time comes to finally retire or be able to have a cushion for challenges, seek employment at an older age. 

How many times have you heard "I'm 60, they won't hire someone they think is about to retire!" Personally, I have heard that more times than I can count, and I never had a solution. 

Well, the next time someone says that to you - you can encourage them to check out these six high paying careers that older people can pursue and not only survive, but thrive! 

Where there are problems, there are also solutions. In these six careers, age can actually be an asset versus a barrier!