5 Best Things to Say in an Interview!

Before you even get the interview, preparing for it is a process in itself. It's important to be an ideal candidate with academic and professional experience but, there are also a other things that can help you as well. 

1. Ask Questions

Howard Pines, founder and CEP of BeamPines says, "the best thing a candidate can do at an interview is ask good questions." This shows that you are engaged and interested in understanding the company. 

Pines suggests several questions including:

What are the biggest short & long-term issues I would need to focus on in this position?

What would I need to focus on differently than the previous person in this position?

What organizational issues should I be aware of? 

2. "Im Flexible"

Flexibility is an attractive quality to the employer because it shows you are easy to get along with, you can "go with the flow." Remeber this when they ask about start dates and possible job duties. Be flexible, but don't let them walk all over you. Flexible shouldn't pertain to discussions regarding your salary. 

3. Use the companys own words

Prior to the interview, become familiar with the company as a whole. Look at their website, literature and pay attention to words they use, what's important to the company? Olivia Ford of Adeptio says, “In your interview, hit key words that appeared on the company website or brochure. These key words might include team, leadership, simplistic, culture or growth.”

4. "That's a Good Question"

If you are asked a question where you are not sure of the answer, instead of saying "I don't know," resond with "thats a good question." You not only sound more professional and you are also stroking the interviwers ego a bit,  it also gives you a few seconds to come up an answer. 

5. Reasons You Want the Job

It's important for hiring managers to know the prospects motivations.  Talk about how this positions fits your qualifications, ideas, what you would like to learn from the opportunity and future plans. This allows the interviwer to get a sense of you as a person and how you would fit within the companys culture and values. 

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