You would think I was kidding if I told you that you can actually have a high-paying job with little stress wouldn't you? Well, Im here to tell you that your dream has become a reality! According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, stress at the workplace can cause anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and aggressive behavior. Also, a huge amount of stress can also cause cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions.

According to Liza Sichon, an executive coach, speaker, and human resources consultant at Executive HR Coach in Silicon Valley, California, "low-stress jobs offer a high level of autonomy and empowerment, which leads to fulfillment and satisfaction." According to Sichon, there are many similarities with these low-stress jobs. WIth clearly defined objectives, there is no need for a supervisor to micromanage you, therefore minimizing anxiety and stress.

While having any job can make you become a victim of stress and anxiety, these are some jobs that won't make you pull your hair out everyday and help out your wallet!