Make more than a decent living with these high-paying careers!

What if someone told you there is a perfect equation to choosing a career with six-figure earning potential? Good news, there is one! 

While there are quite a few opportunities with six-figure earning potential, it won't happen overnight.

So, what is the first step in meeting this goal? According to Michael Provitera, author of the book, "Mastering Self-Motivation: Preparing Yourself for Personal Excellence,"Joining a company with high integrity, an excellent reputation, and potential for growth is a good place to start."The key is to make two or three moves in your industry, either up the ranks in your current position or to jump ship and join a new company. Other significant factors in earning a hefty salary include your network of contacts and your job performance." he adds.

Interested in becoming a HR Manager? Art Director? Computer Systems Analyst? These and more made the list of careers with a six figure potential. SEE THE LIST HERE!