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Jessica Holbrook Hernandez is an expert resume writer, and a career and personal branding strategist who contributes to Her latest article discusses how to use your resume as a tool even though your skill set may not match all of a job's qualifications.

Below is a synopsis of Jessica's article, "How to Match Your Skills To A Job With Your Resume."

As a job seeker, make sure you read the job posting carefully so you understand what is required of the job. This will allow you to examine your own skills and add them to your resume.

Also, begin to think from the hiring manager's perspective. By thinking in this manner, you can add the right information to your resume. Again, read the posting to learn what the company and hiring manager is anticipating in an employee. Then, research the company through its website or other sources to gain a better perspective. Highlight experiences that will get the hiring manager's attention.

Finally, showcase your ability to learn new skills by listing any training courses you have taken, certifications you have received or programs in which you are proficient. Although you may not have every skill set the employer is looking for, you may be able to land an interview in order to prove you are right for the job.

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