give job search and career tips for all stages of one's professional career.

With college graduation just around the corner, (with the help of the book, What Color is Your Parachute?) has seven tips to help college grads with their job search.

1. Create an online presence. stresses the importance of having an online profile due to the fact that employers commonly run Internet searches on potential job candidates. Have a LinkedIn profile, a professional blog, or create a profile on employment agency websites.

2. Take an extra internship. Post-collegiate internships can help build your resume, refresh your job skills, and build new contacts.

3. Join a professional group. Professional groups can help you meet key professionals.

4. Brush up your resume and cover letter. There are many tips and resources that can critique your resume: online, career centers, job fairs, community colleges.

5. Use your college and career center. Many colleges offer career services, host job fairs, and offer employment and interviewing tips.

6. Be willing to start low. Sometimes all you need is a foot in the door. Recognize that you may not get the job of your dreams right away, but you can work your way up the ladder. Also, a part-time job may allow for time to start your own business.

7. Volunteer. This can help with self esteem, add productivity, enhance interviewing and personal skills. It could even lead to a future job.

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