Being the holiday season, many job searchers may put a halt on their job search until the holiday festivities are completed. However, Laura Smith-Proulx of, gives five significant reasons to continue looking for employment.

1. Employers Are Still Hiring. Some industries have more significant needs during the holiday season or have a higher demand.

2. Budget Requirements Must Be Met. Both end of year budgets and new year headcount forecasting can drive hiring during the holiday season.

3. Other Job Seekers Are Lying Low. Because other job seekers have put their search on hold, this is the time to follow up with potential employers. This is also the time to polish your resume and contact potential employers.

4. Opportunities To Network Are Abundant. The holiday season makes it easier to reach out to former colleagues and offer value to others.

5. Recruiters Are Staying Alert For Jobs And Candidates Alike. This is a good time to reach out to a recruiter before they are busy with inquiries in the new year.

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