Women engineers are in high demand, according to Randstad Engineering.

After performing a survey among engineering employees, Randstand Engineering found that the overall confidence among U.S. engineers in regards to job security remains positive. Even more so than the finance, accounting, IT, healthcare, manufacturing and office industries.

"Given the current demand for talent and the skills shortage facing the engineering sector, it is no surprise that engineering professionals are feeling confident and secure with their jobs," said Richard Zambacca, President of Randstad Engineering. "We continue to see demand for specialized talent like quality engineers, controls engineers and process/manufacturing engineers, and we expect these areas to drive the most job growth in 2014. For engineering workers looking to advance or break into new fields, industry certifications are a great way to distinguish yourself from others."

According to Zambacca, women engineers are in high demand. Only 13 percent of engineer are women, according to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau.