AT & T will be hiring over 10,000 employees in 5 years.

More than 3,600 veterans have started new careers with AT & T this year. Because the newly hired veterans' skills have turned out to be such a good fit for the company, AT & T has doubled its original hiring goal to 10,000 veterans and their family members over the next 5 years.

"We're benefitting from the skills, character and leadership experience that veterans bring to AT&T," said Scott Smith, Senior Vice President, Human Resources Operations. "And we're providing good career opportunities for them as they transition from military service."

Veterans and their family members are finding jobs as technicians, IT professional, project managers, financial analysts, supply chain managers, and more.

AT&T also announced they are leading an initiative with JPMorgan Chase and the 100,000 Jobs Mission to create the Veteran Talent Exchange, The exchange enables active-duty military and veteran job candidates to "opt-in" to a talent-sharing database to facilitate the sharing and referral of veteran candidates among participating 100,000 Jobs Mission member companies.