Carrollton, GA may soon be home to a new manufacturing plant

News of a new manufacturing facility in Carrollton was announced during a work session of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners, according to a report from the Times-Georgian newspaper.

The name of the company planning the investment was not released, but it is expected to be a $34 million construction project that will create 230 new jobs. 

According to the report most of the jobs will be created at the local level.

“The company will bring some higher level management jobs with them, but the majority of the jobs will be hired here,” Jim Camp, the attorney for the Carrollton Payroll Development Authority, told the BOC. “The jobs will range in scope from manual labor to very specialized jobs.”

The unnamed company is seeking a property tax abatement from the County Commission. Details of this proposal are expected to be released at the next Board of Commissioners meeting.