The ATL WEBFEST will be held Oct. 25th - 27th

The Georgia Tech School of Literature, Media, and Communication Technology is hosting the largest Webfest in the Southeast this October.

ATL WEBFEST is geared towards growing the digital film and video production industries.

The three day event will include screenings, workshops, panels, and keynote sessions featuring industry professionals who will discuss the latest trends in production, storytelling, business, and technology, as reported by

The web fest phenomenon began with Michael Ajakwe, Jr. in Los Angeles with the LAWEBFEST in 2008, and it has rapidly gained in popularity, taking it to the international stage and expanding to cities like Melbourne (Australia), Hong Kong (China), and now heads east to Atlanta. ATL WEBFEST is the second conference of its kind in the United States.

“LAWEBFEST is proud to throw its support behind the state of Georgia’s first web series festival,” announced Ajakwe, via Facebook last week. “The Southeast would benefit from a web series festival because so many web series are being produced from the region,” said Ajakwe in a later interview. “I would say roughly 20-25% of the American web series that we receive here in L.A. are being made in that region. So the material and talent are already there. They just need a platform to showcase some of the outstanding work that’s being done,” stated Ajakwe in a recent press release by

ATL WEBFEST will place October 25-27, 2013, and is currently taking registration submissions, speaker applications, volunteer applications and web series submissions.

For more information on ATL WEBFEST, please click HERE.